Links to the websites of related companies and organizations of interest

General Patent Corporation: Leading patent licensing and patent enforcement firm and the licensing agent for Implant Secure Communications.
IPOfferings: Leading patent brokerage firm and provider of IP consulting services.
IP Holdings: IP-Centric merchant bank, provider of patent litigation support, and sponsor of an IP incubator.
LES: Licensing Executives Society
IPO: Intellectual Property Owners Association
WIPO: World Property Owners Association
American Innovators for Patent Reform: Trade association for the innovation community that promotes pro-IP rights patent legislation.
Fractal Heatsink: An R&D company focusing on the applications of fractal geometry to heatsink technology.
Ryogen: Extensive IP portfolio comprised of 36 issued US patents and a number of patent applications directed to various genes with potentially important applications in biomedical research and ultimately diagnostics and drug development.
Playtipus: Dedicated home for buying children's apps and submitting unique Kid's Software.
Neuroenhancement Lab: A neuroscience R&D startup engaged in developing new technologies in the field of neuromodulation and neuroenhancement.